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What is TimeTune?

TimeTune is a time blocking and time management application. It has been designed to help you make better use of your time and increase your productivity.

Is TimeTune a calendar?

No. TimeTune is not here to substitute your calendar. It can share some similarities, but it has a different purpose.

Is TimeTune a to-do app?

No. TimeTune was designed to manage time, not tasks.

What does TimeTune offer that other apps don’t?

Can I create my own tags?

Yes: Main menu / Tags / Click on the ‘+’ button.

How can I change the number of days in a template after it has been created?

For the moment, the way to achieve this is by creating a new template with the new desired amount of days and importing the days you need from the old template.

Why do I see an alarm clock icon on the status bar?

TimeTune uses clock alarms to schedule notifications. This makes the alarm icon appear on the status bar but it is the only way to guarantee true accuracy on Android 5.0 and above.

However, you can hide it here: Settings / Advanced / Background tasks / Scheduling method.

How do I transfer my data to another device?

  1. On the source device: Settings / Backup / Manual backup / Make backup / choose destination in Google Drive.
  2. On the target device: Settings / Backup / Manual backup / Restore backup / restore the file from Google Drive.